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Dr Ravindra Sharma is a renowned Sexologist at Erecto in India. With a golden experience of 52+ years and a dynamic personality at the age of 78 years, he is recognized the best for his deep understanding and practising of Pure & Classical Homeopathy for decades.

At the same time, he is also the first to start Advance Research and care in critical cancers mainly leukaemia and breast carcinoma. As a person, He is a gentle human being who has deep faith in the almighty and belief in destiny. His famous quote “The Doctor treats, He Cures” remains operational even in other cross-medical systems.

Dr Ravindra Sharma
Taken by D.F. Roy

Medical science has been a continuously evolving subject and so is the treatment approach. Unfortunately, homoeopathy has remained unveiled despite advancements in other fields due to a lack of research and interest involvement of intellects from around the world. According to the survey, India claims to have the highest number of homoeopathic practitioners as compared to the rest of the world. That too accounted for the gentle nature of homoeopathic medicine towards human beings.

Thanks to the constant effort and dedication of the doctors who are in this work and saving it for the upcoming generations. Dr Ravindra Sharma is the leading star of that team and has undoubtedly kept it alive with more research and regular practice of homoeopathy.

After achieving a high success rate in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation through consultation, Dr Ravindra Sharma is now heading towards advanced Sexological kits which are readymade combinations for the said diseased. Those kits shall

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be availabe on demand and may be utilized by anyone. That will also help those who are living in different geographical location and can not meet the doctor. The quality of those kits is our prime concern and every step is taken to maintain its efficacy. You may order it right now!