August 18 2020

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction, Treatment and Prevention

When we talk about lifestyle, we are generally talking about ways of living. Most of the people think that life style is something how we live. That's true. We are a part of our lifestyle and lifestyle is a part of our life. Both are complementary to each other and can't be separated.

Why we are talking about lifestyle when the heading of this article is Erectile Dysfunction? Soon we will see how Erectile dysfunction is more or less related with our lifestyle. In this section we will discuss the most probable predisposing factor for Erectile dysfunction as well as its treatment.

Lifestyle Imparts a Major Issue on Sexual Health

The world is changing with a regular pace so is our Lifestyle. Everything is changing like Transportation, Communication, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Politics etc. All of these are directly affecting the life of a common man like you and me. The direct effect of this alteration is revealing in our day to day life like our eating habits, sleeping habits, walking habits, social habits etc. It will be more appropriate if I say that our way of thinking is also changing with the changing lifestyle.


Different socio-economic strata have different lifestyle. That is why there are different diseases associated mainly with a particular class of people. But despite of having different Lifestyle, there do exists some similarities. For example, everyone in our society is now moving towards the use of Smartphones for a number of reasons like Digital payments, Voice conversations, Text messaging, Knowledge enhancement and last but not least, for Entertainment. So what do I want to say is that we are avoiding relocation and promoting sedentary Lifestyle. Yeah that is a major health issue which also contribute to our sexual health.


Balanced Diet to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Eating habits is a top concern regarding sexual health. It is said that sound mind remains in a sound body. The food we eat gives us energy to survive. Some of us are vegetarian and some are non-vegetarian. It's ok! Our diet should be balanced in terms of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. It should be fortified with minerals and vitamins. Some prefer rich foods with abundant cholesterol and carbohydrate level in it which may lead to diabetes, a well known factor for causing Diabetes-associated Erectile Dysfunction.

Drug Addiction and Erectile Dysfunction

Drug addiction is a controversial aspect in causing Erectile Dysfunction. Many people think that it has nothing to do with sexual vigour. But recent studies and surveys have clear findings that smoking of cigarette, chewing of tobacco, and drinking of alcohol slowly kills the sexual ability by altering capillary flexibility and decreasing chemical concentration of local hormones and nitric oxide. The sum total action of these effects of illicit substances is to decrease the frequency and duration of erection of penis at the time of intercourse.



Psychology and Erectile Dysfunction

Psychology plays a dramatical role in producing Erectile Dysfunction. Psychology means state of mind. Sex is a matter of mood. It can't be achieved forcefully to reach at Orgasm either in man or woman. Especially in men, all stages of sex is governed by the presence of mood. A depressed mood causes delay in erection. The reason of depression vary from person to person and may be anything. All you need to know is that you should be in total passion before touching your partner. It is not a rocket science behind, but some Biogenic Amines which we call Neurotransmitters, that are triggered with mood swing in passionate environment and is responsible for erection of penis.


Masturbation causing Erectile Dysfunction

Masturbation, a typical parameter of lifestyle which is considered to be a strong candidate for causing erectile dysfunction. This is a very good example of when human interferes with nature than vice versa occurs. It is a natural process which some people override manually. Many of you will disagree but have you seen any other creature doing this? Occasional is accepted but doing excessive will hamper sexual potential and will lead to early Erectile Dysfunction as well as Premature Ejaculation.


Erectile Dysfunction: What To Do

So to summarise, changing our lifestyle by accommodating some place for regular exercise, brisk walking, performing meditation & yoga, eating nutritious and balanced diet may help you in alleviating sexological problems like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. Beside this, quitting tobacco and consumption of alcohol will drastically enhance sexual performance. You can also watch some exciting movies together with your partner but don't do masturbation. At last but not at least, do foreplay, it works!!

Now many of you would be thinking that all of these measures have already been implemented then I would definitely say that your problem is serious and you should see a specialist doctor. One such doctor is Dr. Suresh Mondal, a Super Sexologist having 45 years of experience and has treated thousands of sexological patients with high success rate.

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