August 22 2020

Short Size Of Penis: A Curse? Penis Enlargement

Relationship and responsibility goes side by side to build a happy married life. If we look around we will find that these two makes the pillar of a successful journey called life. When there is any disbalance between any of these then we face a number of social and emotional problems.


Physical relationship is the base of any couple living together. Many people take sexual relationship as fun but I personally think it is more a biological requirement of every living organism found on the planet. There are different coupulation theory for different creatures. For example conjugation in bacteria, transduction in viruses, and sexual reproduction in fungi onwards. It is called sexual intercourse in case of human beings.

What is Sexual Intercourse?

What is sexual intercourse? Sexual intercourse or coitus is an act of mutually willful penetration of penis into vagina and jerking it rapidly deep to give sexual pleasure or to achieve conception. To understand this, think about there is a portion located deep inside the vagina called as G-Spot which is when rubbed gets stimulated and give a sense of pleasure to the women known as Orgasm. So to make her reach the orgasm, penis must be long enough to reach at least the G-spot before climax.


Female orgasm works on All or None law. It means that mere insertion of penis into the vagina does not guarantee that the female will get her orgasm. Until and unless the G-Spot is provoked, the woman remains totally deprived of any pleasure,no matter how long you are jumping and pumping!

Now you know why it is necessary to have a penis with long length and more girth to make your sexual partner happy. Apart from love and care, women also need a physically strong and sexually satisfying partner who can fulfill her physical needs.

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