August 22 2020

Why Men Hesitate To Speak About Sex Problem

Man is a symbol of toughness as compared to its counterpart of women. When it comes to men it creates a notion of strength in itself. Everyone in the society has a feeling that men are more robust at least physically than women. That is one among the many belief settled deep into the mind of human beings startingfrom the beginning.

Although womens are considered to be more tolerant with high ability to withstand adverse situations and emotional odds in every Walk of life. It is obvious from our day to day life that women are more patient, morally more boosted and also more responsible, but to conclude, it is our pre-set mind that man means power.

Sense of False Prestige leads to Health ignorance

Due to the present scenario most of the men take their health as a matter of prestige. They are proud to be fit. Even when they actually suffer from sort of weakness or minor illness, they take it lightly as it is not going to affect them in any way. This might can be a reason of lessor number of male patient reaching out to any day-care or OPD running anywhere as compared to the number of female patients. It may also be appended to the greater self consciousness of women towards their health as compared to men. That's good!.


Here comes the main part. What if a man suffers from sexual weakness..? Yeah, sexual weakness. What does it mean? Sexual weakness comprises of either one or combination of distorted patho-physiological disorders like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation or Impotency including short size of penis.


Oh my God! What will a man do now? It is directly related with his self esteem and capability towards sensible and responsible married life which is now at a very fragile stack. Should he now go to his relatives or friends to disclose that he is now no longer capable of satisfying his partner, or he should go nowhere just to keep things confined to himself? But how would he hide it from her partner? She knows.. He can't conceal it from her. After all, she is the one who knows everything, but remains quite. It is her who is going to be influenced the most, both physically and mentally.



Buried thoughts generates a sort of restlessness. A Man can't continue his normal life with such a psychic condition with him.He starts blaming himself without further thinking of the possible solutions. This results in loneliness and a sense of separation in between the couple. He forgets that there do exist some interventions which could actually take him back to his previous life, again!

At this stage, on Behalf of the female partner, it is very necessary for her to provide him consistent emotional support, care and reassurance to keep him mentally strong and save him from breaking down with no hope left. Never forget that it is better to save relationship rather than thinking for a new one.


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