August 22 2020

How To Satisfy A Woman Physically?

First of all a big WOW! Amidst tons of boring documentary literature flooding the Internet, this article is going to be very interesting and exciting for most of the men.

Hello everyone! My name is Dr. Abhishek Kumar and today I am going to tell you the Do's and Don'ts in order to satisfy your female partner. Apart my excitement, I am also bit tensed because as you have landed here, I guess many of you are wondering or somewhat confused in how to satisfy a woman physically, but at the same time I am sure after reading this article you will become more confident and prepare to take your sexual relationship to the next level. So tie your seatbelt, we are ready to take off!.

Woman: A Life Partner or A Sex Worker

Before proceeding ahead, I would like to make it very clear that when I say a woman, I completely mean a life partner, and not a sex worker or prostitute because the later has no accountability associated. For them,


Who Cares..?

That is more a part of their professionalism, which is only money oriented in nature and doesn't bother about your performance. It's just like..

See The Ball, Hit The Ball, When Wicket Fall, Go To Hall.

But in case of life partner, a well organised strategy should be followed. Now we will discuss those strategy in brief.

Strategic Approach

Some of the last benchers reading this post might be thinking Oh Come on, again a strategy, that too to have sex? Yes my friend, It is not that simple. It's the sum total endeavour of every steps taken that will make you a man from a useless man. So the first to start with is fitness.


I will not go in its deep detail as majority of you already know why it is necessary for a sexually active man to stay fit and healthy. Strength and stamina is the pre-requisite for the act of sexual intercourse which in turn is the pathway for satisfying your partner. You should eat more fruits and vegetables rather than consuming fat rich diet. If you are a Lacto-ovo-vegetarian then eggs are going to Boost Your Health much along with daily intake of milk but don't forget to remove the egg yolk as it may increase the cholesterol level in your body. Including grams and green kidney beans in your regular breakfast will give you a solid body structure.


If fitness is the blood then behaviour is the backbone of the strategic approach towards satisfying a woman. Oh it made me recall a Punjabi pop song!! LOL Behaviour has two aspects.

Social Behaviour

It includes your general emotions, lifestyle, attitude, level of understanding each other, love, care, and at last but not the least loyality. Yeah Loyality! It counts. Let me explain, how many of you remember that whenever you forgot to pray the God before leaving outside for accomplishing some auspicious work, no one else would know that, but a guilt do persisted in none another than your mind. So don't think that you will deceive her and will escape clean handed. It is you yourself who will spoil the show. In simple words, not only her but also your mental involvement in the act will make it a success.



Sexual Behaviour

Before plunging into the ocean of lust, it is always suggested to start with love making. Romance is the key. Different minds have different ideas. You may perform some interesting fantasies every time.I am not telling you to go for hide & seek or to play a skit. But a workaround may do the job. It will boost excitement and eagerness in both partners. Always remember that we all do ultimately the same thing but only those conquer who do it differently. Examples are many. One is, Pretend to be a stranger or intruder and grab your false sleeping partner. You may create different scenarios, but take care not to hurt each other. Don't forget to share your idea in the comment box below. After that proceed slowly, and do plenty of foreplay. Refrain yourself from early penetration which may deprive her from reaching her orgasm.



Kissing is foremost the final master-stroke. Among millions of living creatures found on earth, nature has awarded human beings with this special gift. Kissing a woman properly will definitely lead the way straight to her soul. I bet not a single woman shall resist after a perfect lip-to-lip kiss. So play the Ace, and win the race.

Having sex is the necessity of humans. Sometimes it disappears due to several physiological reasons. At that time we need to follow some medical guidelines and seek a suitable physician. Thanks to Dr. Suresh Mondal, who is a pioneer in Advance Sexological Treatment and has 45 years of golden experience in curing Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. Many patients have been benefited by his tremendous problem solving tactics and effective medicinal formulations. So Best of Luck.

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